Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Wordless Wednesday -- Christmas Past

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Leisa Hammett said...

Cute hub! Jessica, this is totally irreverant. But I think you'll appreciate that. Cute hub was my thought and then when I thought that could be my remark, I had this ancient recollection. In the mid 80s as the march of the Fundamentalists proceeded on to capture the helm and reign over the Southern Baptist denomination, of which I grew up in, there was great controversy over women in the pulpit. In fact, at my Bpatist college, I even entered a debate contest about the subject. I lost by going over about one second. Anyway, there eventually became a decree that women could not become pastors. This was so devastating to women of my time who had grown up in the golden years of the Southern Baptist Convention in the 70s and had felt that God had called them into the ministry. Many of these women were in seminary then training to become ministers when all this crap started coming down like women causing the fall of men and later employees having to say that their wives submit to them and other such nonsense. So, back during all that debate either mine or the public one I remember it being said that one reason women could not become ministers because men would not be able to listen to them and...I'll say think about their attractiveness. And the comeback was: so, you don't think women have been doing that all these years when good looking men preach? Oh, I hope you take this the right way! Of course men and women work together and hear one another speak all the time and hear and see each other beyond their appearances. Evolved ones at least. But then, there's that whole dirty topic of evolution. It didn't happen did it? And so, yeah, some people didn't evolve to that point. So men are ministers and women are not in the SBC now. And women would never find a male minister attractive but have a woman minister preach and...?


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