Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Pet Peeves and Besetting Sins

The day after Thanksgiving, I had my ten year high school reunion. It was a small, private K-12 school, and our class was the smallest in the ten years before or since—only 21 people (which made for a really tiny reunion—it was nice to catch up with those who came, though).

Since we were small, our school didn’t do class rank or superlatives for the senior class. (“Most likely to succeed,” etc.) Instead, in the senior section of the yearbook each year, there was a spread with little funny things classmates filled out about each graduate: “nickname,” “10-year prediction,” etc. “Pet Peeve” (something you hate) and “Besetting Sin” (something you love) were also prominent on this list.

In honor of this little list, for our little class, in our little school, here are my top five pet peeves and besetting sins today:

Pet Peeves:
1. snakes
2. loud, sudden noises
3. Matt’s Peter Griffin and Cartman voices
4. inanimate objects that won’t cooperate (like hangers getting tangled together)
5. people who miss deadlines and don’t follow directions (this one is eerily similar to my actual yearbook pet peeve from 1999: “slackers”)

Besetting Sins:
1. coffee: regular with fat-free French Vanilla creamer or grande, non-fat, Toffee Nut lattes from Starbucks
2. wine and cheese (technically two, but they go so well together!)
3. Matt’s Satan and Cookie Monster voices
4. really hot showers, where my skin turns red
5. Kate! Kate! Kate!

So there are mine. What are yours?


Matt Kelley said...

I'm glad I'm equal parts "pet peeve" and "besetting sin" for you

Anonymous said...

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