Monday, December 07, 2009

1DoH: From Pumpkins to Presents

Welcome to the tenth installment of 100 Days of Holidays, a celebration of all the merriment that marks the last third of the year, the fun, festive fall frolicking, the handful of holidays from Halloween to "Happy New Year!"

With Thanksgiving past us and Advent begun, 'tis the season to prepare for CHRISTMAS!! This year being "Baby's First Christmas," every tradition feels even more special, and I am so excited to celebrate this joyous holiday through the eyes of a child experiencing all the lights and music, the togetherness and holiness for the first time.

68) Monday 11/30: I was so excited about putting out Christmas decorations that I almost forgot the chore of putting away the fall decorations!

69) Tuesday 12/1: A farmer-guy at church apparently grows mistletoe, because he brought a bunch of baggies of it to hand out on Sunday! Since it is highly poisonous to children and animals, I carefully chose a safe spot to hang it (above our bed ;0)

70) Wednesday 12/2: I'm very proud of myself for getting my Christmas cards addressed over Thanksgiving so that I could stuff them and have them ready to mail before the holidays got too crazy.

71) Thursday 12/3: Kate broke out her "My 1st Christmas" bib. She's thrilled, as you can tell!

72) Friday 12/4: We set the Christmas-themed books on the coffee table, so hopefully we'll remember to read them several times throughout the season. She's got 'Twas the Night Before Christmas, Merry Christmas Curious George, and a Baby Jesus board book that implies Mary and Joseph were just two happy-go-lucky knocked up newlyweds.

73) Saturday 12/5: I have been excited to wrap presents for weeks--nay, months--now. I guess it's just the idea of preparing gifts for Kate, or the cutesy Santa and penguin papers, but this task that I've always enjoyed is just now even more fun!

74. Sunday 12/6: We still don't have our tree, but due to my aforementioned gift-wrapping frenzy, most of our gifts are now wrapped and sitting in a pile in the spot where our tree will soon reside.

What about you? What were the first Christmas tasks you tackled this week?

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