Monday, December 28, 2009

1DoH: Christmas Joys

"... all for the little ones' Christmas joys.
Ho ho ho, who wouldn't go..."

It's no secret Christmas is more magical with young children. Yes, the less-spiritual aspects (Santa, cookies, presents, etc.) may get more attention than they should, but it sure is fun.

This week, I wrapped up work for 2009 (taking next week off) and enjoyed a wonderful several days with family. This is the last full week of our "100 Days of Holidays." While Advent and Christmas mark the beginning of the liturgical year, I love how Christmas celebrations (and vacation, for some of us) provide a time for relaxation and reflection before beginning a new calendar year.

89) Monday 12/21: Kate took a tin of cookies for the teachers in her class at day care. They adore her and have made these past six months in day care much better and easier than I imagined they would be! 90) Tuesday 12/22: I know I promised I wouldn't talk about breastfeeding again until my pumping days are through, but I had to celebrate finally wearing an outfit to work that couldn't be unbuttoned or lifted up! Yes, I'm weaning myself down to the point that I'm not even taking my pump to work anymore. After eight months avoiding most dresses (button-up dresses are hard to find!), I can finally wear whatever I want to work!

91) Wednesday 12/23: Knowing that Kate will be receiving new toys for Christmas, I boxed up some of her infant toys (including the little push-cart she used in learning to walk!) and put them in the attic :0(

92) Thursday 12/24: Christmas Eve! Kate donned her "My 1st Christmas" bib for dinner at Granna and Opa's, and showed off her new front teeth (they were "all she wanted for Christmas," after all).

93) Friday 12/25: Christmas!!! Kate's stocking was made to match mine, and it was filled with a few new bibs, hair-clippies, books, and Tadoodles (Crayola's baby-markers, officially marked 18+ months. After playing around with them some, we found that indeed, she is not quite ready for coloring!)

94) Saturday 12/26: I introduced Kate to the cup today, starting with just water. She actually did very well, knowing to put the rim between her lips and tipping it back. She had the motion down, but spit most of the liquid out--partially because she's never had water, and partially because (even with milk, I found) too much liquid goes in, not controlled, like the bottle.

95) Sunday 12/27: Nala and Popi are still here with us, enjoying their time with Kate (they only see her once a month, so the time is precious!) Popi has been helping Kate learn "Mama" and "Dada" by pointing at the pictures on the fridge. (She says "mama" a lot, but we don't think she associates it specifically with me yet.)

We're looking forward to a lot of nice family time this week, with me taking the week off work. It's still Christmas, remember (til January 5) so I hope you enjoy your four calling birds, five golden rings, and all those milkmaids, dancers, drummers, etc.!

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Hampers said...

You have a very cute kid. She is adorable. It was nice going through your blog. Wishing you good times and good cheer


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