Monday, November 30, 2009

1DoH: Thanksgiving!

Matt and I were so excited about our five-day Thanksgiving holiday--a grand continuation of the holiday season and a kickoff to the beautiful Christmas season that is made extra-special this year by it being "Baby's First Christmas." Christmas is only 26 days away... which means this past Thanksgiving week started with the 61st of the "100 Days of Holidays," and began like any other, before we got into the turkey-laden festivities later in the week.

61) Monday 11/23: Before bedtime tonight, I read Kate my favorite childhood book: How the Alligator Missed Breakfast. It is hilarious in its insanity. This book was the start of my theory that most kids' books and TV shows were conceived with the assistance of some illegal substance.

62) Tuesday 11/24: After a Tuesday that felt like a Friday, we kicked off the Thanksgiving weekend with our annual joint Thanksgiving service between Bethlehem and Hickory Point UMCs. Hickory Point always does a great job with their altar decoration. I swear, my favorite part of Thanksgiving is getting to sing "For the Beauty of the Earth"--one of my favorite hymns.

63) Wednesday 11/25: We drove up to my parents' house in Louisville, eating at IHOP on our way out of town (and declaring it a new family tradition, since we ate there before heading to Louisville in July too). Kate enjoyed a whole "new" box of toys filled with my old stuffed animals and toys.

64) Thursday 11/26: Thanksgiving!!! Kate donned her "Baby's First Thanksgiving" bib and ate a dinner entirely of table food (which I am always tempted to call "people food"): turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, peas, and carrots.

65) Friday 11/27: My high school class finally had its belated 10th reunion. It was a small crowd, but given that our class only had 21 graduates, what can we expect? We had fun touring the renovated upper school building and going out to dinner. Amazing how some things change and some things are totally the same!

66) Saturday 11/28: Kate celebrated her 10 month birthday by learning to climb stairs!

67) Sunday 11/29: Advent has begun, and our family lit the first candle on the advent wreath (in the absence of the family that was originally asked to do it). Ironically, my parents lit the advent wreath at their church today too!

A blessed advent to you all, filled with joyful carol-singing, cookie-baking, present-wrapping, tree-trimming fun... and hopefully some reflection on the birth and life of Jesus Christ as well!

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