Sunday, November 15, 2009

1DoH: Project Life

When I started this weekly series I call 100 Days of Holidays (1DoH), I explained how I had been inspired by the "Project 365" scrapbooking concept, which encourages you to take a photo every day and journal about it, and there is a whole cool scrapbook kit designed specifically to showcase this photo-diary. That sounded too overwhelming (and they sold out of the super-popular kits anyway), but when fall rolled around, I decided to do something similar with 100 Days of Holidays--a title borrowed from Parents magazine's daily e-mail with ideas for the fall and Christmas holidays.

I've tried to feature holiday-ish things in my 1DoH pics, but (as you've probably noticed) they more often end up just being about ordinary life--all the little moments and memories that make up this season of Kate's first year. It seems like a lot of pressure to keep this up for a year (or to orient the pics toward a holiday theme) but the central goal of all these efforts is just to document memories! In this year's iteration of Project 365, the designer (Becky Higgins) is trying to emphasize the "record-your-life" aspect more than the pressure-filled "365" number, so she's calling it Project Life.

My pics this week aren't all that exciting, or even remotely holiday-oriented, but they do chronicle the little things that make life special. This is my Project Life.

47) Monday 11/9: We returned from New Orleans are were reunited with our sweet girl. (Is there anything cuter than a baby in footie jammies?) This is Kate's toy basket in the family room. I love how she will lean in and dig around to find a toy, and all the motion-activated toys in the basket go off!

48) Tuesday 11/10: Back to work after our nice long weekend, I enjoyed my bridesmaid bouquet on my desk.

49) Wednesday 11/11: This is what I get for moving my warm computer off its usual spot on the kitchen table
50) Thursday 11/12: Until recently, Kate has only messed around in her toy basket and left the rest of the bookcase it's on alone. Now, she likes to take Aunt Alexis and Uncle Andrew's picture down off the shelf (we think it's because she misses them :0) and messes with the Luther book there on the bottom shelf.

51) Friday, 11/13: Matt sent me this cell phone pic midday when he and Kate went on a walk (it was Daddy-Daughter Day). It made me miss her so much and want to teleport home right then to be with her!

52) Saturday 11/14: We celebrated Matt's birthday tonight, even though the actual day isn't til Thursday. Matt's parents came up and we oohed and ahhed at Kate walking (often five or more steps at a time now!) She got really excited whenever we cheered for her, and she got so wound up she didn't want to go to bed!
53) Sunday 11/15: Kate was kind of fussy off and on today. I won't lie--the whiny noise can get a little frustrating when you don't know what's wrong--but her fussy faces are so cute I have to smile. Check out that furrowed brow and outturned lip!
Life is good.

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tearzamariebaggett said...

i do need to come over! you were a lot smaller than i am though. :( but at least to visit with kate!! when do you get home from work usually? thursday good?


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