Sunday, November 01, 2009

1DoH: Halloween

This week starts with the 33rd of the "100 Days of Holidays," which means we're one third of the way through the fall-Thanksgiving-Christmas season! It's such a fun time. This week, of course, included Kate's first Halloween. As with all of this year's special events and holidays, she didn't really know what the point was, of course, but we had fun celebrating these milestones and the general joy of the season.

33) Monday 10/26: I have been wanting to make spaghetti and meatballs for a while. I've made spaghetti before, of course (though not in a while) but I've never made meatballs. They turned out pretty well, I think. Matt really liked them, and they even had some diced zucchini in them, so Kate got to have some finger-food zucchini with her dinner.
34) Tuesday 10/27: We did a fun photo shoot of Kate (and Marcel) with the pumpkins on our front porch, and with some bananas for our little monkey.

35) Wednesday, 10/28: Kate turned 9 months old today, so we took her monthly Marcel picture. They are getting harder and harder each month, as she won't just sit there with him anymore--she grabs him and eats his head, or tries to crawl off the chair.
36) Thursday, 10/29: Kate's been eating finger foods for a month or more now, and is always very interested in what we're eating. She even stole my half-eaten apple and started nomming on it. I think she was able to scrape some of the fruit off with her two little bottom teeth, but the whole thing was definitely slobbery enough that I didn't eat any more of it!
37) Friday 10/30: Kate took her first steps!! She took up to three steps all on her own, and it was very exciting. She's still learning how to balance herself, though, and was much more confident when holding even one of our hands. We walked hand in hand across the room at a pretty decent pace.
38) Saturday, 10/31: Halloween! Here's Kate all ready to hand out candy to our trick-or-treaters. I think her favorite part of Halloween was mashing Reese cups (still in the wrapper) in each hand.

39) Sunday 11/1: Most of my fall decorations are season-generic pumpkins, leaves, etc., but I did trade out a few specifically-Halloween items for specifically-Thanksgiving decorations today. I can't believe it's November!

This week, we're off to New Orleans for my cousin's wedding! We'll miss Kate a lot, of course, as she stays home with her grandparents coming up to care for her, but it should be a lot of fun!


tearzamariebaggett said...

oh yay Kate!!! you're inspiring me to make some meatballs...
we're pros at spaghetti being that its cheap and really easy- but not with meatballs! sounds really good!!

Katie Rose said...

Am so glad to see that Andrew and I aren't the only ones who drink milk with our wine! We need to get together soon and lets these kiddoes play! I will talk to Will and see if he and Christine and Bethany can come too!


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