Friday, October 02, 2009

Things You Can't Say in Church

I've been doing a lot of thinking lately about identity, authenticity, the (quote-unquote) "real me." Part of this has to do with different parts of my life--professional, intellectual, maternal, etc.--and how I show different parts of myself in those different contexts. A big issue for me is the church, and how as the pastor's wife I can rarely say what's really on my mind there.

One day I'll get my thoughts in order enough to write a post on this subject, but for today, let me just call your attention to a cool website and book coming from Anne Jackson, author of Mad Church Disease (Zondervan, 2009). Her new project is Permission to Speak Freely, and it is inspired by the PostSecret movement. She's collecting "confessions"--the secrets Christians hold and feel they cannot share in church or with other Christians because they fear shame, ridicule, or offending someone else. The concept is very popular because people are dying to get these things off their chests. They're dying for a place where they can just be real and not have to wear a mask or hide their true selves.

I really look forward to this book because, as I said, this issue weighs heavily on me. What about you? Are there things you feel like you can't say in church? or anywhere? Feel free to comment anonymously. It's good just to get it out.

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Anne Jackson said...

just stumbled on this and wanted to say thanks for the link. :)


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