Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Pulling a Monica

For the die-hard Friends fans out there who get this reference, I don't mean it in the same way Judy Gellar or Phoebe meant it, but nonetheless, I am definitely engaging in a very Monica-esque task today!

For a while now, I have wanted to go through all the parenting magazines I have accumulated over the past seventeen months (since finding out I was pregnant), cut out the articles that might be useful in the future, and organize them in file folders according to topic and age level. Given our flu-induced quarantine, today seemed like a good day to finally get that done.

When I told Matt my plans this morning, he responded:

"I'm going to organize my compulsions by type, severity, how long I've had them, and how many relationships they've ended."

Later, in the midst of the task, we had this conversation:

J: "hmm. I made a folder for 'toys and gift ideas,' but now I'm wondering if I should put those clippings in the age-level folders according to the age-appropriateness of the toy."

M: [solemnly, after staring at me for a long time] "I am sure whatever you decide will be the right decision."

J: "Just imagine all I could do if I was a stay-at-home mom!"

M: [mimes gun to his head, brains splattering out the other side.]

Suffice it to say, I am a type-A and Matt is not. But now, the articles on potty training and preschoolers' social skills that weren't applicable when I first got the issue will be easily accessible when we do get to that stage of parenting. And, I can feel good about throwing away the remainders of the magazines so they don't overflow my magazine rack and pile up on a shelf (or more likely, the floor) somewhere!
Kate (who is feeling infinitely better, by the way :0) enjoyed playing with the to-be-discarded magazines (she LOVES paper!) and I even kept one to put in her toy basket so she can feed the need for paper in the future.
What's that?

Do I know I'm crazy?

Yes, yes I do.

Thanks for asking.

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