Thursday, October 29, 2009

Monkey See?

That is, do you want to see pictures of our little monkey in her Halloween costume?

And finally, from the Fall Festival the other night, I like to call this "Curious Kate and the Mom in the Yellow Hat."

The End.

(the end has a pretty cute, curly tail, don't you think?)


Melody said...

Jessica....cute pictures! You have an adorable family. I appreciated your comments today and you gave me things to consider....I responded to your comment on my blog and if you wish to follow it up. I'm curious about reading the woman you mentioned ....Ruby....yikes, I can't remember her last name. These are unfamiliar authors to me....can you recommend a good book for me to read by her? Thanks for you thoughts and encouragement to consider new ideas.

Summer said...

Very cute! She is a very precious monkey! The mommy in the yellow hat idea is pretty cleaver!
Summer :0)

Katie Bug said...

Love the monkey costume!
My daughter's hats and bows come from all over. The brown knitted one is OshKosh, her pink one is from a boutique in our area, and the headband/bow in the blog header was made by a teacher I used to work with. I have also bought a lot of her bows at Kid to Kid. A few of them I made myself.

The Macchio Family said...

What a cutie! Love that costume... Thanks so much for the kind comment... have fun today! ~ kim

Claire said...

That costume is adorable!


Jessica Turner said...

I obsessed with monkey costumes. Adorable!

Anonymous said...

What a cute little monkey!!!

Mary @ Giving Up On Perfect said...

Oh my goodness - adorable!!! My daughter loves monkeys - we even had a monkey-themed party for her 2nd birthday last month!

I came over from Milk Breath & Margaritas, and I'm glad to have found your blog!!


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