Sunday, October 18, 2009

1DoH: Pumpkins Galore

If it's Sunday, it's 100 Days of Holidays!

(19) Monday 10/12: Kate brought home her first school "art project" today. Obviously, she had little to do with making it, but it's still precious and I hung it on the fridge, of course!
(20) Tuesday 10/13: This is our anniversary week. October is my favorite month, which is why I was determined to get married in it and have an autumnal color scheme.
(21) Wednesday, 10/14: It's our third anniversary! To celebrate, Matt and I had a great Italian dinner (our favorite!) at Sole Mio and stayed overnight at the Millennium Maxwell House Hotel. It was a very special date--swanky dates are rare these days!

(22) Thursday 10/15: Kate stayed overnight with Granna and Opa while we were on our date. Here she is playing with her socks and shoes after getting into her jammies.
(23) Friday 10/16: Popi came to visit overnight, since he was down our way for an event in southern Kentucky. Kate's bib says "A bottle of the house white, please!" Popi and Nala brought Kate that from their recent trip to Ireland (more Irish goodies to come at Christmas, I hear!) (24) Saturday 10/17: Family trip to the pumpkin patch! Matt and I said that if the owners charged a flat fee for cute-photo-opp, they would earn a lot more than they do selling pumpkins at $.25 per pound. (More pumpkin patch pics to come on Wordless Wednesday!)
(25) Sunday 10/18: This is one of my favorite fall decor items. I got it a few years ago on sale at Pier One. It's kind of heavy--all metal, and I love the batik pattern. (The painting in the background was done in the watercolor class I took a few years ago. I like it.)
Coming up this week: business trip and Kate's halloween costume!

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