Sunday, October 04, 2009

1DoH: Into October

If you missed my intro to "100 Days of Holidays," click here.

(6) Tuesday 9/29: I've been meaning to decorate for fall for about a week now, but the boxes are still sitting in the hallway!
(7) Wednesday 9/30: We installed baby gates in the doorways between the kitchen and dining room, and the family room and hallway. They are on hinges so they can swing open--adults don't have to step high over them.
(8) Thursday 10/1: Kate spent some time with Granna and Opa today while Daddy went to the Emergent cohort lunch.
(9) Friday 10/2: Kate and I went on the church Women's Retreat, staying in a large cabin near Bell Buckle, TN. Here, Kate plays with a measuring cup and pan while the ladies chat around the kitchen table.

(10) Saturday 10/3: The women on the retreat ate at Miller's Grocery for dinner. A terrific bluegrass band played. I'm not typically into bluegrass (despite being from the Bluegrass) but I was really into it. They included a bluegrass rendition of The Ramones' "I Wanna Be Sedated," so they weren't your typical bluegrass band, I guess.

(11) Sunday 10/4: Today is Charlotte's fifth birthday. She celebrated by running from the camera and then rolling around in her favorite place--the bathtub. Happy birthday, Mow-Mow!

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