Sunday, October 11, 2009

1DoH: Flu and Fall Decor

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(12) Monday 10/5: Kate was diagnosed with the swine flu. This pic was from earlier in the day when it was more just pity for her feeling icky, before it turned to sheer panic.
(13) Tuesday 10/6: Kate was very clingy and cuddly throughout her illness, taking several naps on our chests. Sweet little bear.
(14) Wednesday 10/7: Kate was feeling much better, and we actually enjoyed this last day of our quarantine with special family time.
(15) Thursday 10/8: Matt had a residency retreat to attend, so Kate spent Thursday with Granna and Opa. She wore one of her cute new fall outfits--one of the few things I've bought new (and not on eBay!)

(16) Friday 10/9: I finally did get decorated for fall. All the breakables had to go in the living room--Christmas will be an even bigger challenge!
(17) Saturday 10/10: Kate recently graduated to sitting up in shopping carts, rather than having her car seat perched on top. She has a cool seat cover to protect her from germs and make it comfy (and cute--I love lime green).
(17) Sunday 10/11: This afternoon, I went to a baby shower for a girl at church. I'd heard of diaper cakes before, but hadn't been to a shower with one yet. Cute. She got five blankets--well on the way to the total of 28 I received!
Next week... the fall holiday of Matt and my third anniversary!

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