Saturday, September 19, 2009

Two Toofies

Kate has shown signs of teething for a while, and a couple weeks ago, I was sure I saw an incisor poking through, on the side where she had been concentrating most of her gnawing/comforting efforts. On Labor Day last week, her bottom middle two appeared--and suddenly I can't see the other one anymore! I don't know if it was a canker sore, or what. (Anyone have any idea?)

Nonetheless, her two little "toofies" are definitely here, and for the first time today--visible to the camera! She's eating around 15-18 different foods--pureed fruits and veggies and several kinds of cereal. She's even starting to get the hang of finger foods of the dissolving sort--rice puffs and such--but with these teeth, she'll be eating table food in no time!

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