Friday, September 25, 2009

Summer Scrappin'

I went through a scrapbooking lull in the late spring, and then took half the summer to finally do my Easter and Kate's Baptism pages, with which I am still not all that happy. In the past few weeks, though, I have had a slight resurgence in creativity, and have made some fun pages with pics from our 15-week photo shoot back in May with our friend, Maria.

First, "tiny," with little frames showcasing Kate's tiny baby parts--her fingers and toes, eyes and ears. I arranged the twelve pictures into a 5 x 7 mosaic on Kodakgallery and then cut the delivered print into strips. The polka-dot parts of this page are actually from a Graco ad I cut out months ago.
"You" is my record of what Kate was doing at three months--sleeping through the night, cooing like crazy, sucking her fingers (like in the picture!) The big letters are chipboard, covered in paper and sanded down.
"Family." Maria got so many great shots of the three of us. I love the birds on this paper--it's Stampin Up!, like most of the papers in these layouts.
In the middle of the photo shoot, I was holding Kate and took a little hop down from a short rock wall, jostling her head against my shoulder, and she flipped out. She's normally a pretty chill, happy baby, but when she does cry, she makes a huge show of it, crumpling her face and throwing her arms out wide like "why, God, why?!?" She kept this up for a while, and as we tried to console her, we had to laugh at what a "drama queen" she was being!
This last one is comprised of my own photography skills, if they can be called that! "Half Year Half Pint" is my record of what Kate was up to at six months--creeping, sitting up (though not on her own, yet) and otherwise becoming such a big girl!
It's hard to believe it's been almost two months since those shots were taken on our trip to Chattanooga. I may have "scrapbookers block" now and again, but I love recording our memories and these precious moments that fly by so quickly.


Kristen said...

You are so talented, Jessica! I'm impressed. Of course, you have a beautiful subject, but even so... ;)

I LOVE the "Drama Queen" one. Kate is just as cute crying as she is smiling!

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