Saturday, September 05, 2009


There was a girl I knew in college. She was very pretty, thin, smart, articulate... plenty to be intimidated by. She also had the world's best posture. She never slouched, always walked with her neck erect and her head held high. Because of this, I thought she seemed kind of snobby, even though she was a very nice, friendly person.

Finally, senior year, I learned that she actually had metal rods in her back due to childhood scoliosis. That is why her back was always so straight and she had such impeccable posture. She never slouched because she literally couldn't. My judgment (which was largely based on insecurity and envy anyway) was based on something that this girl couldn't even help.

Despite the fact that I'm the arse of this story, I love it. It shows an extreme case of how our judgments are often not based on reality, but instead motivated by our lesser angels. It makes a perfect sermon illustration. (Matt should really use it someday.)

I wish I remembered this story more often. I am ashamed of how quick I am to judge others. This is one of the (many) areas where I fall far short of the ideals I profess. I could blather all day long about how God loves and values every person and how our job is just to love them, not to judge; yet I still put people in boxes so fast it would make your head spin. A quick subconscious analysis tells me whether I should feel inferior to and intimidated by someone, or if I can feel confident about my own skills and traits.

I try so hard to be better in this area. To not make snap judgments about people, to not fall into the trap of comparing myself with others (that's a game no one wins). To feel secure enough in myself to just accept and appreciate others for who they are.

Now that would be reason to hold my head high.

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