Tuesday, September 15, 2009

On her own two feet

Kate has been pulling up for two or three weeks, and she is just developing like crazy! She started pulling up to her knees using a kitchen chair less than three weeks ago (a couple days shy of seven months), then within a few days after that, was pulling up to her feet. We lowered her crib to the middle level then, knowing she would be standing up in the crib soon.

Sure enough, when we were in Louisville for Labor Day, she stood up in the crib in an act of protest against taking a nap. (BTW, that was my crib when I was a baby.)That night, she did it in her own crib too, and we promptly lowered the mattress to the very lowest level. It's practically to the floor, and that is where it will remain when it becomes a toddler bed, until she's ready to move to a "big girl bed"!
Nonetheless, she can still peer over the edge, and may one day learn to crawl out!
She is now able to cruise around the coffee table, pulling up with greater and greater ease and slowly taking careful steps as she hangs on to the table or the couch. She's so determined--grunting and huffing and puffing when she can't seem to summit a particular mountain. She's a go-getter, and we're so proud of our girl!

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