Monday, September 14, 2009

Grandparents' Day

Hello--Katemonster here!

For those of you without the official calendar of Hallmark holidays, yesterday was Grandparents' Day. I got creative and made cards for my grandparents featuring my handprints with ten fingers outstetched and a tagline saying "You're a Perfect Ten!" Too bad Mommy forgot to take pictures of the cards before sealing the envelopes. She was too busy trying to clean the green ink off my hands--I looked like the Incredible Hulk!

I am lucky to have four perfect grandparents. Let me introduce you to them.
This is Popi. He's semi-retired, but still works on his computer a lot, even when he comes down to stay with me. Popi loves to take me on walks and hikes and bought me a llama puppet last week named Obama-Llama. Popi is a Republican, but we trust he doesn't mean any offense to Mr. Obama. Mommy says she would trust Obama to carry her and her supplies through the Andes, so it's all good!
This is NaLa. That's short for Nana Laura, which was supposed to be her grandparent name until she decided it would get confusing with her own mommy, who is called Nana. NaLa likes to come stay with me and then spend all her time cleaning things. When you can get her to stop and sit down, though, she likes to read to me, take walks, and play with me! This is Opa. They call him "the Baby Whisperer." I will fall asleep on his shoulder and nap there for hours (when ordinarily I just want to be left alone when I'm tired!) Opa loves Ben & Jerry's and can't wait to feed me ice cream as soon as Mommy and Daddy will let him. He got me a cool cow bib and tie-dyed onesie at the Ben & Jerry's factory when he went to Vermont on business recently (he's semi-retired too).
Last but certainly not least, this is Granna. She loves to take pictures of me, which is why Mommy doesn't have a picture of her with me since my baptism half my life ago. Granna's always behind the camera! Granna likes to buy me pretty clothes and says we're going to have fun tea parties when I get bigger. I can't wait!

I am clearly a very lucky girl, to have such loving, wonderful grandparents. I love you all!


Amy said...

This is the sweetest post. (And I swear Kate's actually reading that book.)

Grandchild Connection said...

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