Monday, August 10, 2009


Rebecca, one of the posters at Deep South Moms, had a piece recently on "I Swore I'd Never...". She talks about the things she swore she'd never do as a mom, and how she'd done every one of them. For her, it's mainly about being a stickler about bedtimes and sleep habits.

Me? I've already broken my "no day care" conviction, and frankly, I'm glad. "School" is working out very well for Kate and for us as a family. I'm still glad we're able to do just three days a week, though.

Another big "I swore I'd never..." remains to be seen for me, though. Picky eating is one of my pet peeves, and I swear I will never give into cries of "cut off the crust!" My kids will learn to either eat the crust or cut it off themselves. Or eat rolled up pieces of lunch meat, dipped in mustard, like I did.

I swear.

We'll see if I stick to it.

What did you/do you swear you'll never do as a parent?


Leisa Hammett said...

Here's the deal, Jessica. Start off assuming they'll eat everything. NOT but assuming they won't eat anything or certain things. Expose them to everything. And then you have a great eater. Take them to McD's (one of my 'I Swore I'll Nevers..." and feed them a heavy American junk food diet and then they'll be picky. Of course, we know you'd never do this. An exception is if the child has feeding and/or sensory issues usually accompanying a disAbility. But then, we won't think about that! And, it's all called Life and flexibility. I started of SO Rigid w/ my "I WON'T'S!"

Amy said...

Well I wouldn't know where to start! But with regards to food I've had all good eaters - lucky that way. They go through periods of being picky but overall really good.


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