Sunday, August 30, 2009

Power Chick

Remember a couple years ago when every network had a show about powerful corporate women? There was "Lipstick Jungle," "Cashmere Mafia," and--the marker of any legitimate trend--an SNL spoof sketch called "Lady Business." Matt had a term for the leading characters of those shows: "Power Chicks." (Actually, I think it was Power-something else, but fortunately, this is the name that has stuck.)

Ever since then, "Power Chick" is Matt's term of endearment for my work persona. When I emerge from the bedroom in the morning dressed in a professional outfit, he says, "Look, Kate--Mommy's a Power Chick," and he encourages Kate that she can be anything she wants to be, including a "Power Chick like Mommy."

When, at two months postpartum, I started feeling really down and anxious about returning to work, I looked on Amazon for books about working motherhood. Amidst the titles for the working mothers themselves was a children's book called Mommy's High Heel Shoes. It's about a little girl playing in her mommy's closet after Mommy leaves for work, and thinking about all the different shoes Mommy wears for all the different things mommies do: going to work, making breakfast, working in the garden, walking the dog, going grocery shopping, going out with Daddy, etc.

Since discovering that book, Matt and I have referred to it often when discussing my working motherhood and our childcare arrangements. For my birthday, Matt even bought me a high heel shoe charm for my Pandora bracelet. I'm sure the charm is mainly intended for ladies with a shoe fetish, of which I am not one, but upon opening the box, I immediately knew the meaning of the gift from my wonderful, supportive husband.

I didn't buy the book right away, since $16.99 seemed like a lot to spend on a children's book, but once I'd earned enough swagbucks to get a couple Amazon gift cards, I ordered it recently, and Kate and I have enjoyed reading it. As the author intended, my hope is that it will help Kate understand why Mommy goes off to work every day, and that "Power Chick" is just one of the hats (or shoes) that women can wear.

Judging from her playtime the next day, I think she gets it.


Matt Kelley said...

The second picture screams: "I love my Mommy and I'm so proud of her that I hump her work shoes when she's not here."

Katie Z. said...

I had a strange conversation with my dad as a friend of mine was getting married. There are six of us from high school that are all really close and here we are, all 27 years old, and none of us have children yet. It was something to the effect of: "I expected you all to be floozy moms but instead you're all career women!" He was trying to be funny - but it made me realize how right he is about the career part. We have someone finishing her doctorate, two MDiv's, a lawyer, and two dedicated teachers among us. Eventually some of us want kids - but we all have put our careers in the front seat for now. But even when we have children, I know that many of us will be wrestling with the same things that you are now - how to be both the power chick and the mommy. I think you're providing a great example that I hope to follow soon!!! =)

Lauren said...

Kate couldn't be any cuter if she tried.

My mom used to call me "Josie" when I would wonder in wearing her heels. Not sure where the nickname came from, but they were high fashion in '89.


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