Thursday, August 06, 2009

It IS More Fun When You Win It!

Shortly after Kate was born, I started shopping for baby clothes on eBay, and quickly got addicted. I found amazing deals on name-brand clothes that another baby had barely worn (EUC=excellent used condition) or sometimed hadn't worn at all (NWT=new with tags)!

I enjoy bargain-hunting for Kate's clothes at consignment sales, too, but there's something about estimating your maximum bid, holding off on bidding until time is almost up so you won't get outbid, etc. that makes it so much fun. Like eBay's cheesy ads say, it really is "more fun when you win it!"

The deals quickly became a source of pride for me, as I love telling people who compliment Kate on her outfits how I got her adorable outfits for a fraction of their retail value. Like this navy Gymboree number for $1.99 (plus shipping) and Kate's smocked, Baby Gap Easter dress for $.99 (plus shipping)!

I soon won/bought so many things that I had to cut myself off for the spring and summer.

Last night, however, I decided it was time to start shopping for fall. With six months of baby-dressing experience under my belt now, I aimed for more practical items than the pretty church dresses I bought last winter and spring. I love dresses, but I realized I need to go for the knit dresses that will be more comfortable for crawling around and playing in.

Anyway, last night I won these
and this

Can you tell I love chocolate brown and polka dots?
I've also bid on this

and this

among other things.

If you're interested in consignment shopping while sitting on your duff in your pjs, drinking wine (that's pretty much what it is), here are a few tips I've picked up:

1. There are millions of items listed, so drill down not just by category (clothing/infants and toddlers) but by size and garment type (dresses, outfits, etc.). There are thousands of items even in that sub-sub-sub-category, so even then, type in a search term like a certain brand or style feature you like.

2. Be sure to add in the shipping cost when comparing prices. Some people may list different shipping costs even for a comparable item. If you're really only looking for the deepest discounts, sort the list by "price + shipping: lowest first." Then you can stop scrolling through the pages when the price gets too high.

3. Be discerning. I learned from my previous eBay spree what fifteen years of mall-shopping somehow still did not: no matter how good a deal it is, if you don't need it or don't love it, it's not really a bargain!

Now, if I were a really popular mommy blogger, I would probably have a nice gift card to give away at this point. But, I'm not and I don't. So I hope these tidbits of advice are worth something on their own. Happy bidding!

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