Wednesday, July 08, 2009

The Twitter Experiment: Day 3

I am exhausted, and Twitter is the culprit. I am a classic introvert--large gatherings stress me out, agitate me, and zap me of all my energy. Somehow, it seems, blogging and facebook are more like sitting down and writing a letter, or sitting with a friend (albeit a friend you haven't seen in eight years) on the couch and looking at their photo album. Twitter, on the other hand, feels like a buzzing convention center full of people with whom you are supposed to mingle and network--and it's driving me crazy.

I feel pressure to "speak," pressure to interact, and it's really draining me. I'm not blogging about anything interesting, I'm not interacting in the fun and comfortable world of facebook, and even my conversations with my husband have been reducecd to "so did you see so-and-so's tweet about such-and-such?"

So, it's 8:49 and I'm ready for bed, but I will say it has been fun to see all the buzz today about Shawn Wood's upcoming Wasabi Gospel: The Startling Message of Jesus. Today was the Amazon book bomb, in which one urges people to go buy (preorder) the book on the same day so that the book rises in the rankings. Wasabi rose to somewhere in the 2000s of all books on Amazon, and #1 and #3 in several subcategories of Christian books! Today was also the first half of Shawn's blog tour, so many of his interviewers tweeted about their blog posts featuring Shawn and the book as well.

The book delivered from the printer today, too, so it was a big day for Wasabi! I should have had sushi for lunch in honor of it. Find out more about the book (and watch a fun cartoon-rendition of the Introduction) at

Today I learned
(1) the terms "blogorrhea" and "twitterrhea"--conditions in which one spews more content than is pleasant or necessary
(2) how to unfollow people who appear to have those diseases, clogging up my home page with their incessant blathering

Summary stats
I'm following 133 people
55 people are following me.

I connected with a couple authors and potential authors today, so I'm making progress in leveraging Twitter professionally. Personally, however, I'm quite disenchanted.

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Matt Kelley said...

I think we've talked about more than others' tweets, dear.


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