Tuesday, July 07, 2009

The Twitter Experiment: Day 2

Today my goal was to learn the more interactive, buzz-building elements of Twitter. Since I hope to use Twitter to communicate on behalf of Circuit Rider magazine, I started following a bunch of folks with "UMC" or "Rev" in their username, to try to make those connections. I had a #circuitrider post up, so that hopefully UM users will notice the connection and follow me back.

I was trying to use Twitter to generate ideas for a survey I was drafting for an upcoming issue, and while I got a few responses on Facebook (via my tweeted status update), not a peep on Twitter. I guess I still have too few followers for that to work, given that only a small percentage of people would respond to any question.

Daily summary:
I am now following 129 people.
44 people are following me.

I learned to:
Block a follower (his username was just a string of profanity--I don't need that!)

What advice for maximizing Twitter do you have?

1 comment:

JT d'Eastwood said...

Best advice I've heard is the 70-20-10 rule of tweets. That is 70% should be about others, 20% items of interest and only 10% of your tweets should be about yourself.

To make Twitter easier, check out Tweetdeck, Seesmic Desktop, WeFollow, and Twellow.


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