Monday, July 06, 2009

The Twitter Experiment: Day 1

As I said yesterday, I'm not a very techie person, but now that I've been convinced to give Twitter a try, I want to approach it as a week-long experiment as I navigate this popular and popular-to-mock medium and learn to leverage it personally and professionally. Each day this week, I'm planning to post just a very short summary of what I've learned and how it's going.

After 24 hours on Twitter, I'm feeling pretty ambivalent, but hopeful that will change. The site is pretty straightforward, though it kind of just turns you loose upon joining without much guidance for how to set up your profile page or use the different code-type things. The site is so clean, though, it's fairly easy to figure out most things, and a quick Google search will answer any other questions you have.

So far, I am following 79 people.
28 people are following me.

I integrated my account with iGoogle and Facebook right away. The Facebook part and learning to use hash tags required some googling to figure out.

I also learned how to use the "@so-and-so" function (easier with the iGoogle twitter-gadget than on the actual Twitter site, actually).

Tomorrow's goals: learn to re-tweet, and enhance the interactive element by responding to others and encouraging responses to my tweets.

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