Monday, July 27, 2009

Six Month Photos

I took Kate for her 6-month portraits on Saturday. They turned out pretty well, I think, though I prefer a non-studio style. (Mom enrolled us in the JCPenney Portrait Club, and especially if you combine it with one of the coupons JCP puts out, it's an incredible deal!) Kate wouldn't flash us any of her really big smiles (even with the iPod and Old MacDonald--two of the strongest tricks in our make-baby-happy bag). Still, I think she looks pretty cute. What do you think?

Also, these pics have an extra-special twist in that the dress was the dress I wore in my 6-month professional photos! Check it out:


Amy said...

They turned out so sweet!!!

Cintia EUA said...

Just found your blog, got you a reader!


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