Sunday, July 26, 2009

Feeding Frenzy

Why is this formerly half-bare cabinet now full?
Because it is now half-full of baby food!

Yes, Kate started solids this past week. First with whole wheat cereal once a day, just to learn and practice. Rice cereal is typically the first solid because it is the least likely to cause allergies, but I read a piece in Parents magazine ("The Right Menu for Every Age," June 2009) that said one should feel free to try a different grain.

Kate has definitely shown signs of being ready for solids (and not a moment too soon, since the AAP recommends waiting til 6 months to start), being interested in what we're eating, even to the point of grabbing food off my plate, and seeming hungry more often. So, she was eager to try the spoon, and opened her mouth wide, leaning forward to meet the spoon, but once the food was in her mouth, she'd get a slightly sour expression like she didn't know what to do with it.

After a week of practice, however, she seems to like not just the concept of eating but the food itself. We started applesauce in addition to the wheat cereal today, and she enjoyed that too. Since you're supposed to start only one new food at a time (so you can identify the cause of any allergies right away) I guess we'll stick to wheat and applesauce for the next day or two before adding a veggie.

Anyone have any advice on what foods to try and which ones to avoid or postpone? If your kids have allergies, how did you identify them and when?


Amy said...

Cute pics - as usual! I'm pretty relaxed about it (none of my babies had allergies) and by 6 months I'd let Bear chew on a pizza crust as long as I was watching him.

I have always started with orange veggies because they are sweeter then moved to green. Also those mesh strainer thingys you can put fresh fruit in - a peach or whatever- and let them suck on it - those are brilliant.

Katie Rose said...

JD only had a weird rash (hive-like) on and around his belly after I gave him applesauce mixed with blueberries...the pediatrician suspected it was a reaction to the blueberries and suggested I wait on berries until after he is one. Those mesh bags are perfect for soft bananas or slices of melon. I can't believe Kate is 6 months! (I can't believe JD is 9 and a half months)...he starts daycare next week and it makes me really nervous!


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