Sunday, June 21, 2009

We love you, Daddy!

Hi there, Daddy--it's me, Kate! Mommy had me away from you for almost a whole week, and I know you missed us terribly. We missed you too, but had a lot of fun on our woodsy cabin vacation. (Mommy will post some pictures from our trip soon.) You'll join us next year, I'm sure!

Mommy got me up really early (ok, ok, I admit--I got her up even before the alarm) to drive back to Clarksville in time for church this morning so we could spend our first Father's Day together. I hope you enjoyed my singing (er, screaming) throughout your lunch at Outback, and that you liked the gift I picked out for you! I love you very much, and want to share a few things that I have really enjoyed about our father-daughter relationship these last twenty weeks.
  • you do a mean beat box. I love dancing at "Club Daddy"! (Remember when Mommy tried to do it and I spit up in her mouth? That was awesome!
  • you are so sweet to threaten to shoot any boy that tries to date me a decade and a half from now. That really is an urgent threat that Mommy thinks you are totally reasonable for worrying about.
  • i like when you take me up in front of the church so that people will listen to your sermon instead of (while) looking at how cute I am.
  • Mommy and I love when you cry at songs like "Cinderella" and "I Saw God Today," thinking about how much you love me. You make jokes like you're embarrassed of such displays of emotion, but it is really so sweet.
  • you have been so selfless to take care of me these last eight weeks between when Mommy went back to work and when my day care opens. You sacrifice your productivity and control of your day in order to care for me. And Mommy loves it when you send her photo texts at work to show her what we do all day. You are so sweet.

Thanks for everything you do, Daddy! I love you very much. Happy Father's Day!!

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