Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Ten Years

I graduated high school ten years ago today. It's hard to believe it's been a decade. I don't feel that old! (My apologies to those who have been out of high school a couple decades and still don't feel old.) Where did the time go?

In 2000, I was still adjusting to college and dealing with a long-distance boyfriend.
In 2001, I went on a foreign study to Russia and Central Europe, declared my religion major, and broke up with said long-distance boyfriend that summer (the relationship was so significant, it's hard to believe we broke up almost eight years ago).
In 2002, I finally started to hit my stride in college. Moved in with my best friend Tracy for senior year.
In 2003, I graduated Furman University, worked a summer at Passport, moved to Nashville to start grad school, and met my future husband.
In 2004, Matt and I worked through a variety of kinks in the relationship, I started part-time at the Vanderbilt Cokesbury bookstore (part of UMPH), and I worked another summer of Passport, which gave me nightmares for many months afterwards.
In 2005, I wrote my master's thesis, started my first full-time job at UMPH, and got engaged.
In 2006, I got married (yes, that process takes a whole year in itself).
In 2007, I got the editorial job I'd been dreaming of since starting with UMPH 2 1/2 years earlier, and we moved to Clarksville for Matt's first full-time pastoral appointment at Bethlehem UMC.
In 2008, we found ourselves to be pregnant--theoretically a year ahead of "schedule," but still very exciting!
In 2009, we had little Katharine Barry, and are enjoying our third year of marriage.

So that's my adult life in a nutshell. The 2000s are finally starting to "sink in," I think. Even into 2008, I kept saying it felt like the 2000s had just begun, and yet they were almost over! Suddenly, 2007 seems like a long time ago, and 2003 seems like forever ago! Parenting must age a person quite rapidly.

Anyway, happy non-reunion to my twenty classmates. Hopefully we'll manage to get a reunion event together by the 11-year mark!

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