Monday, June 22, 2009


Peace is the word that comes to mind regarding Kate and my vacation last week, in which we joined my parents and a dozen or so other relatives at the cabins of North Bend State Park near Cairo, West Virginia. Not because I debated with my parents about Christian pacifism, etc., but because relaxation was the name of the game on this delightful getaway.

I spent many hours reading (Parents magazine and Pagan Christianity by Viola and Barna) in the adirondack chairs on the porch of our cabin...
I gazed upward into a canopy of trees...I enjoyed the wildlife: squirrels, deer, beaver, and a raccoon. (My parents even saw a bobcat during a bike ride along the rail trail!)
Every morning, I dined on coffee and what I am now calling "woodland creature food" (thanks to MckMama)--yogurt with granola, sunflower and pumpkin seeds, raisins and craisins...
and each day we took Kate on a walk and/or hike. She's going to be a nature girl, we're sure! I feel my body relax just thinking about those lovely five days in the forest. Thank you Mom, Dad, and Meeker fam! Kate and I are looking forward to next year!

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