Sunday, June 28, 2009

My new blog design!

If you're reading this in a reader, please click over to view the actual blog, so you can see my new blog design! I'm very excited about it, obviously. As I've started reading more blogs and investing more time and thought in the medium, I decided I wanted to replace the blogger template with a new, original design.

With absolutely perfect timing, Jessica Turner blogged about a giveaway going on over at The Design Girl's blog: make a donation to the New Day Foster Home, and get entered to win a free blog makeover! Apparently, in many Chinese orphanages, there is not enough funding even to buy formula for the babies, so they are given juices, sugar-water, and other non-nutrative things. Given the time and energy I put in to pumping for Kate, it really tugged at my heart to read about these poor babies who not only lack a mother to make milk for them, but even formula to nourish them. So, I made a donation, and I won the giveaway!

The Design Girl was great to work with, and (you can judge for yourself, but) I think the result is pretty fantastic. She listened carefully to my preferences and ideas, guided me on what would work well and look good, and was patient with my back-and-forth requests and tweaks. If you're in the market for a new design, she is reasonably priced and very talented, so check her out!


Katie Z. said...


I think your tags are wrong on this post though - maybe there is something off in the coding still?

Amy said...

It's so gorgeous! I love it!


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