Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Act your age, young lady!

Kate (now 4 months old) has been rolling over for a few weeks now with increasing ease, both from back to front and front to back. She can move several feet in a few seconds with her fancy-shmancy rolling skills. She's also getting increasingly mobile with her "crabwalking scooch," which she has done since week 7 or so, pushing herself back with her feet while laying on her back.

Matt informed me yesterday that she seems to be learning to scooch on her belly now, too, in a sort of proto-crawl, rocking back and forth to get some small forward motion.

And now, she appears to be starting the teething process! (Drool, gum discomfort, increased fussiness that is relieved by a frozen teething ring...)

Slow down, young lady! Don't grow up so fast!!

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