Saturday, May 16, 2009

A year ago tonight...

... I learned I was pregnant.
Matt was away at the church retreat, so I had to wait a whole 24 hours to tell anyone--it was excruciating, as you can imagine! We weren't trying, so I just took the pregnancy test on a hunch. I literally paced around the house for an hour or more (after going out and buying the pricier pee stick, just to make sure) just saying "Oh my gosh," and "holy crap." That was "holy crap" in a good way, of course, because I was very excited. It was just unexpected!
What a year it has been, though! Going from this--
to this--May 10, 2008-- (my cousin Allison's wedding, when we were pregnant but didn't know it)
to May 10, 2009 (my first Mother's Day, with a 14-week old daughter!)--

How amazing it is, and how blessed we are!


Amy said...

So cute!! I love this post!

The Design Girl said...

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