Saturday, April 25, 2009

Turkey Day

After pumping, feeding, and hitting the sack by 11:00 last night, I woke at 6:00 am with Kate cooing in the monitor and my boobs hard as rocks (Sorry, TMI.) So, I got up quickly and pumped, hoping to finish before Kate woke up fully and started screaming. By the time I'd filled a couple bottles (it had been eight hours, after all) Kate was back sound asleep, so I had a choice to make:
1) wake and feed her, then go back to bed for an hour or so
2) just go back to bed and wait for her to wake me
3) stay up and actually enjoy the early morning in solitude (what a novel idea)

I opted for #3, and after wandering into the dining room, I saw this outside our front window:
Okay, I actually had to go outside and follow the bird around to the side of the house to get this photo, but it's the same one that was out front. I thought this was pretty cool, since we often have wild turkeys in our back yard, bobbing along in packs of three or four, but they rarely have their feathers all puffed up like this.

Then I glance down the street, and see another four or five turkeys a couple houses down, one standing in the middle of the street, all puffed up:

Okay, so he wasn't puffed up any more by the time I got the shot. And yes, the guy in the red SUV saw me walking barefoot down the street in my bathrobe, holding a digital camera, but given that he had to dodge the turkeys in the road, I think he understood what I was doing out there.
I proceeded to walk a few houses down to get as close as possible. Did you know turkeys make kind of a hissing sound when they feel threatened?
Actually, I don't know if it comes from their mouths or if it's just the sound of their feathers puffing up or their wings dragging on the ground, but it might have scared away a less diligent predatorazzi.

As much as I prefer living in Nashville... I have to admit we did not have the simple joy of random fowl wandering down the street in Green Hills.

Gobble Gobble.

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