Tuesday, April 21, 2009

First Trip to the Zoo

We took Kate to the zoo on Saturday, and had a great time. We met our friends Tracy and Thomasjohn there, since they were in the area for the weekend and had yet to meet our little one! Tracy, especially, was more interested in the North American Infant exhibit than in the wild animals, but we all had to be conscious of moving out of the way of other people when we were staring more at Kate than at the cute baby tigers and other animals!

I'd never been to the Nashville Zoo either, and while it was missing certain key animals that the Louisville Zoo does have (lions, bears, polar bears, rhinos, hippos, etc.), the atmosphere is a lot nicer at the Nashville Zoo, with winding, wooded paths and a really great playground that we'll enjoy a lot when Kate is older.

We promised Kate we'd buy her a puppet at the gift shop, and she lit up when she first saw the cuddly, bug-eyed tiger puppet that we've dubbed Bartholomew the Storytime Tiger. As you can see, Bartholomew is now a fun and special member of the family!

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