Saturday, March 14, 2009

Kate's Scrapbook Debut

It's been so much fun scrapbooking my pregnancy and our early days with Kate, so I wanted to share some of the layouts I've done lately...

Nine Months
My monthly prego-pics. It's neat to see my belly growing each month, from month 1, right after we learned we were pregnant in mid-May, to month 5, when I'm finally wearing a maternity dress, to month 9 on my due date. The May/Aug/Dec elements were cut out of an old calendar I've been saving for just this occasion. The "nine months" letters are Thickers--the first time I used them. They're a very cool product--they add the dimension of chipboard, but are easier to work with.
Making Room for Baby
This spread shows all the little details of Kate's nursery. I carried around those paint chips for a couple months in case I needed to match anything to the bedding. Her nursery features no fewer than eleven monkeys--not something I collect or anything, but I developed a thing for monkeys when it came to Kate's room. They're cute and kind of baby-like. The letters here are also Thickers, in brown felt.
Our Birth Story
I typed up our birth story in as much detail as I could remember during my first week postpartum, so I wouldn't forget anything. I posted it on this blog on Feb. 4, and then edited it down significantly to fit this layout. So, that's all the tiny type on the edges of the spread. The "b" is chipboard, and the "irth" is stamped with the Big Deal Alphabet stamps from Stampin' Up!, where I get most of my scrapbooking papers, stamps, and ink.
Birth Announcement
This page is to preserve Kate's birth announcements, which I designed in Adobe Illustrator and had printed with FedEx/Kinkos online printing service. We also got her hand and footprints at about two weeks old.

Mommy and Me
These photos are from Kate's second day of life--sweet moments just hanging out in our hospital room. All the embellishments (except the letters, which are Thickers) are from gift tags that came on/with baby gifts we've received
Squeaky Clean
Kate's first bath. I just did this layout this morning, featuring all the little squares to look like bathroom tiles. I love the series of photos, all with her hand in her mouth (she didn't cry, but I think the hand-sucking was an anxiety-soothing instinct), and I'm very pleased with how the page turned out.


Jessica said...

love them- especially the squeaky clean layout.

Anonymous said...

These look great!!!!


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