Sunday, February 01, 2009

It's Hard to be a Baby

[That last post, with Kate's video debut, was post 128 on this blog--how appropriate!]

Matt is also posting baby-related things on his blog,, if they are theologically related (and sometimes otherwise).

I'll write a more extensive update soon, but in these few moments that I am able to sit down with a cup of coffee, I am trying to read through dozens of e-mails and my GoogleReader queue before my computer gets so engorged I can't get anything out of it (sorry, it's just an apt metaphor for my fourth day postpartum). A lot of blogs I've added to my reader in the last few months have been blogs by new mommies (or experienced mommies) sharing their experiences and thoughts. One--by a friend of a sister of a friend--included this awesome poem that she wrote herself. You can read their story yourself here, but I've also copied the poem here, because it's so darn cute.

it’s hard to be a baby

it’s hard to be a baby
every single day
so many decisions
before me to be made
should i stare at the light or fall asleep
spit up on my mommy, or just on daddy
chew on the binky, my fingers, or both
lay on my tummy or roll over , okey-doke
cry or cry when i get sad
wait, that’s not a decision
now i’m mad
the only thing i know how to say is my cry
what if it’s interpreted wrong
and they don’t know why
all these decisions yet i can’t even choose
what i will wear for my clothes or my shoes

it’s hard to be a baby
something’s happening with my teeth
will it last forever or just this week
most of the time it’s just mommy and me
i love her and my favorite she’ll be
i go where she goes
i see what she sees
she’s always playing with my hands and my feets
i have no control
of my emotions or movements
when i make my sounds
people make commotions

it’s hard to be a baby
when others take care of me
it’s hard to be a baby
with no responsibility
wa wa wa, i get so sad
squeals of delight, and now i’m glad
it’s hard to be a baby
but a baby i am
it’s hard to be a baby
please understand

-by Mommy (Kirsten in Menlo Park, CA)

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