Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Update and Vote!

We had our weekly doctor appointment today, and unlike our last three appointments, I (Jessica) did not leave the office feeling depressed! Yay! That is because, while I am still only a centimeter dilated (a "good" centimeter now, though, not a "maybe a" centimeter) I am also 60% effaced! Hooray! For those of you not currently or recently steeped in pregnancy/childbirth lingo, that means my cervix is softening and has thinned out to 40% of its original thickness. Awesome.

Our doctor suggested we take a walk around the mall (since it's a bit cold out now), so we went there after our appointment and did a couple laps. Hopefully, that will help things get moving even more. Our doctor is the one on call all this weekend, so Friday, Saturday, or Sunday would be terrific! We went ahead and scheduled our 40 1/2 week appointment for next Wednesday, though, just in case. If we get to that point, we'll likely be inducing soon after, she said, since she'd prefer not to let us get beyond the 41 week mark. Induction wouldn't be ideal, since it can make labor extra-difficult and lead to the "cascade of interventions" that end in C-section, but nonetheless, we're very excited to know that in a little over a week--at most--we'll have our little Kate out and in our arms!

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Katie Z. said...

If Kate is born on Sunday - then she would share my half-birthday! woot!

K*B Awesome said...

hey jessicamommy! congrats on your new addition! i honestly didn't know until JUST NOW that you had a blog! it's wonderful!
baby kate and i share a birthday!
i am so excited for you!
babies are SUCH a blessing!!! they change your life in ways that you don't even know!
bless all of you!


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