Monday, January 26, 2009

Still Hanging in There

Our due date (last Friday, January 23) came and went uneventfully, as did the weekend. I had a big surge of energy last night, and made cookies to bring into my office this morning (hoping all the while, of course, that the energy surge meant labor was imminent and I wouldn't be going to work today!)

I've been having painless contractions several times an hour since last night, so I've been on alert all day. They're just Braxton-Hicks, I suppose, but their frequency made me worry a bit so I called the doctor's office earlier today. The nurse just told me to time them like "normal" contractions and come in if they got to the intervals at which one would go to Labor and Delivery ordinarily. So, I'm stuck timing contractions that otherwise cause me no discomfort--I wish the signs were clearer!

Our hopes are high that the contractions will become "real," and that I'll go into labor tonight. There's an ice storm set to hit our area in the middle of the night, so that complicates things further. The plan is to induce on Thursday if she is not here before then, so either way, we'll be parents by Friday!

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