Wednesday, January 28, 2009

8:30 am

Well, we've made it through a somewhat difficult night. Jessica's contractions were coming less than 2 minutes apart and were becoming very painful, when the nurse came in and said that they were going to send us home! Apparently her dilation wasn't progressing quickly enough. I (Matt) said we wanted to talk to a doctor before we went home, at which point they agreed to let us stay for another couple hours before they decided whether to officially admit us or send us home.

Thankfully, Jessica had dilated another centimeter the next time they checked, so we got to stay. That was really good, because it started snowing like crazy!

As of 8:30am Jessica is contracting regularly, and she will get her epidural very soon. That way she'll be able to get some sleep. More updates to come!

Jessica exercising her brain with sudoku even while she's in labor!

Jessica's hand after they got her hooked up

That's the little machine that goes BING! It's the most expensive machine in the whole hospital! Aren't you lucky! (BING!) That sound means your baby is still alive!


Katie Rose said...

I love that you guys are updating at the hospital! I am so thankful you got to stay because of this snow storm! Thinking about you guys! Love Kt, Andrew and JD!

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful day! I think I mentioned some time ago that I thought it would be on my birthday....and it is! Praying for a fast, safe delivery. I can't wit to see Kate! Love to you all.


Anonymous said...

Brain working faster than fingers....that word was wait!


Anonymous said...

Yay!!! Congrats!!!! Praying for y'all!


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