Friday, January 02, 2009

37 Weeks

One New Year's Resolution we know we can keep... have a baby!

I'm 37 weeks today, which is considered "full term." That means that while my due date is three weeks away, Baby would not be considered premature or unhealthy to be born any time now.

This pic is our 36 week (8 month) photo. I think my belly looks a little lower, but I don't think we can really say I've "dropped" yet. Our doctor said Kate's still pretty well up in there, though she is head down (as she has been for at least a month or so). My cervix is softening a little, Doctor says, but I am not dilated at all yet.

I was a little disappointed, I think, to not be at all dilated, but I know it doesn't really mean anything, since a person could be two centimeters at this point and then do nothing more for weeks, or a person could be totally closed (like me) and dilate a bunch very quickly.

Also mitigating my desire to have Kate soon is the realization that things are not as wrapped up at work as I would like. I started to panic midday Wednesday when I realized how my next work day would be Jan. 5 and that Baby could come any time! I need more time to get everything done!

So, I should just be patient and not wish her out any sooner. I'm so excited just to hold her and feed her and start the adventure of motherhood, but at the same time, pregnancy is such a special time and I'm not incredibly uncomfortable or anything, so there's no reason to wish it away. I'm not having great aches and pains or anything, just a lot of heartburn and continued nausea (so much for "morning" sickness being mainly just in the first trimester--I'm still getting sick twice a week or so!) but overall I feel pretty good!

We'll be ready for her whenever she wants to come, but until then, I'll be working hard, popping the TUMS, and sitting happily on my nest!

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