Friday, September 26, 2008

Debate Stream of Consciousness

8:03 Is anyone else watching the "audience reaction" ticker more than the candidates themselves? I wish I had one of those dials. I love taking polls.

8:09 Lehrer! Don't talk to the candidates like they're in marriage counseling! "Don't tell me, say it directly to him."

8:13 McCain's tie is not TV-compatible. They should have checked that. And his Montana bear joke just fell flat.

8:19 Hmm. The audience didn't like Obama interrupting. It's supposed to be a more casual, dialogical debate, though. That's how we did it in my family!

8:22 John, why are you talking about WWII? It just reinforces that you're old, and that you still have a WWII mindset (see this month's issue of The Atlantic).

8:26 I think McCain was about to lose it there. The condescending chuckle as Obama spoke. I know another Republican who does that. I won't name any names, though.

8:32 Google for Government? I'm intrigued... (and always interested in anything that makes info more easily accessible.)

8:33 Audience supports ending the war. Smart people.

8:37 You've always fought excessive spending, John? But you support billions and billions of unbudgeted funds for making war?

8:40 Independents not buying that the surge equals success.

8:46 It's not a win/lose situation!

8:49 Why does the Independent line keep switching between green and yellow?

8:51 Pock-i-ston? Tolly-bon? Obama pronounces things funny. And now I have "Lollipop, Lollipop" in my head.

9:02 I'm tired, and I think we're losing interest. This is just 90 minutes, right?

9:04 Matt's freaking out at McCain's use of the term "existential threat." Wha-huh? Did he mean "substantial threat"? Or a threat to Israel's existence?

9:08 Yes, it's soooo bad to sit down and talk civilly to antagonistic heads of state! (sarcasm, if that wasn't clear.) That really bothers me when McCain says things like that.

9:20 Matt is wondering if McCain's frequent line, "Senator Obama just doesn't understand," will be interpreted as tough, or just a-holish.

9:30 If the audience poll chart is any indication, I think it's clear Obama is "winning" this debate. Several times, we have seen the lines plummet the moment McCain starts to speak, and dip to their lowest points the more disrespectfully he speaks about Obama. All three lines (the red one included!) rise significantly when Obama speaks again.

My friends, I've had about enough for one night. Looking forward to the veeps next week. Goodnight, and God Bless America.

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Anonymous said...

Wow. Yet another reason I am glad I watched the debate on PBS and not on whatever excuse for a "news" channel y'all were watching it on. This audience response thing sounds awful.

And for what it's worth, watching it without all the extraneous input and commentary from the gigantic cyber peanut gallery, I actually thought both of them did quite well and that Obama did not clearly "win" the debate, even though apparently CNN was reporting afterwards that he did a "hatchet job" on McCain. What the CRAP??? Did they watch the same debate I did? They both seemed to hold their own very well. The degree to which external sources, and not the candidates themselves, influence public opinion is disturbing and startling.


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