Tuesday, August 26, 2008

My name is not Kelly!!!

I rarely write blog posts at work, but I need to vent! My name is not Kelly!!

It happens at least once a week (twice this week--once just now, if that wasn't already obvious). I send an e-mail to a professional contact with my nice little electronic signature: Jessica Miller Kelley.

Minutes or days later, I get a reply: "Dear Kelley...," "Thanks, Kelly..." and my blood boils (more rapidly if they don't even include the extra "e").

Why is it so difficult to read and remember my first name in the 4 seconds between pressing "reply" and writing a salutation? If my name was Jessica Johnson, no one would write, "Dear Johnson..."! (or Miller, for that matter.)

A colleague I've known for over a year, who I know knows my name, actually called me "Stephanie" the other day, which was annoying but actually intriguing, since the Senior Pastor at the church Matt served as Associate called me Stephanie for the first six months I was there. I must look like a Stephanie.

Either way, most of the culprits here have never met me in person, so it's not that I look like a Kelly.

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