Thursday, August 28, 2008

Attention, Church Leaders!

Two books hit the shelves while I was on vacation in Virginia earlier this month, so I am delinquent in writing about them. They are both really excellent books for pastors and others in church leadership (worship teams, visioning teams, other committees in need of some inspiration and guidance...). They are both very-updated editions of books that came out 6-9 years ago, and you should check them out because a) you probably didn't hear about them back then, b) a lot has happened in the last 6-9 years, so these editions are more up to date and just plain better, and c) I didn't edit those editions.

The Wired Church 2.0, by Len Wilson with Jason Moore. This book is everything you could want to know about media ministry, from the methodology of why it is important in today's culture to the plans for how to set up your technology and grow it in phases. This book is a must for anyone interested in implementing or expanding use of media in worship, and for anyone trying to get stubborn committees of old-school congregants on board with installing a screen in the sanctuary.

UnLearning Church, by Michael Slaughter. I say that Mike (or at least this book) is "emergent for the rest of us," because he does not self-identify as emergent, but reflects some of the same ideals for the church that those in the emergent conversation do--transformation, sensory experience, uniting ancient and modern traditions, embracing paradox, etc. (In light of that fact, Emergent Village is featuring an excerpt on their blog here.) This book challenges church leaders to "unLearn" their old assumptions about worship, congregational life, church growth, and the role of the leader in order to transform the church and the world for God.


Anonymous said...

Another great book for anyone involved in christian leadership is UnChristian.
It is really worth the read.

Katie Bug said...

Obviosly this comment is a little late, but I just saw this post at the bottom of one of your more recent posts.
Jer bought Wired 2.0 a few weeks ago for himself and our church's media director. He's only a few chapters in (not a big reader, that guy), but he's given it a thumbs up.


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