Monday, August 04, 2008


We haven't posted in a couple weeks, not because nothing interesting has been happening, but because we've been so busy. We just spent a few days at The Homestead in Hot Springs, VA, which we never could have afforded had it not been for my (Matt's) parents' generosity. Dad just turned 60, so Mom set this trip up as a surprise for him, not telling him the kids would be there, too. One of the many highlights was Friday where the guys played golf on a course built into the side of a mountain while the girls got a massage at the resort spa. Needless to say, this was a godsend for poor, pregnant, exhausted Jessica. Pictures will be up soon!

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Shastopher said...

Well, at least you both got the break you deserved. Life can get hectic while gestating, just remember that it'll all be over soon. God bless you and your family to come.


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