Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Notes from the Underbelly

  • Ate half a container of lime sherbet last night. Felt queasy for an hour after. Would have had more willpower had it been Moose Tracks or something else fatty.
  • Threw up at Rafferty's Saturday. Soonafter realized my belly button ring had fallen out. Waitress found the bottom part on bathroom floor, but top ball had come unscrewed and was lost. Am now less-cool prego-lady a few months earlier than anticipated.
  • Watched with great interest as married-couple bloggers I read documented their 34-hour childbirth experience on Friday. Congrats Matthew and Jessica (yeah, that's right. They live in Nashville, too.) The child made his first video-blog appearance at only 30 minutes old.
  • Felt queasy just now at work. Ate preggie-pop. Immediate relief.
  • Back to work now. Just six months til maternity leave.

1 comment:

Ginger said...

preggie-pop? Sounds suspicious... what is it?


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