Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Gestating is Hard Work

I thought I was out of the woods when I went three days without getting sick. Turns out, that was just Baby's first birthday present to Mommy. I do appreciate it, even though I was sick again this morning.

I took long naps Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. The rest is great, but reminds me what I'd rather be doing every afternoon. It has been really hard to get through the work day, this past month or so. The fatigue is actually getting better, though. I've discovered Cranergy, by Ocean Spray, and while it has a funny aftertaste, I'm thankful for the energy. I actually cooked dinner and stayed up til 11:00 last night. I even got on the elliptical machine. (I say "got on" because "worked out" might be overstating it, but even my menial effort at exercise was better than laying on the couch for the thirtieth night in a row.)

It's amazing how growing a tiny little human can take so much out of a person.

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Anonymous said...

It gets better.
The second trimester is much better than the first. The exhaustion and most of the sickness go away.
It's the nice break before the total discomfort of the third trimester. :)



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