Monday, June 02, 2008

I win!

Q: What NFL team did PETA ask to change its nickname, claiming it refers to slaughterhouse workers?

We play Trivial Pursuit and/or Scrabble at least once a week, usually, and while I usually win Scrabble, Matt usually wins Trivial, after a frustrating battle in which I start out leading, then we're evenly matched until he goes on a run and I can't get a turn in edgewise!

Tonight, though, we stayed neck-and-neck most of the game, finally racing for the hub at the same time. I landed on it first, and he gave me a green (sports and leisure) question, of course. I generally hate these, unless they have to do with food, parlor games, or the Derby. But this time, I did it! and on a football question no less!

My winning answer?
A: The Green Bay Packers.

Bonus Question:
Q: What is unique about the way Matt arranges his pie pieces during games of Trivial Pursuit?

A: He places them in the same order they appear around the board. You're cute, sweetie :0)

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