Friday, May 02, 2008

He's no welsher

Matt finally made good on the bet he lost nearly a month ago. We got pretty competitive on our NCAA brackets this year, and while Matt methodically chose the best teams, I picked my teams mainly by loyalty and intuition... and won!

My prize was flowers and a love note every week for four weeks. Four weeks later, I recieved my first bouquet. Yay!! Isn't it pretty? He sent it to my office, which is even more romantic--tardiness forgiven!

While I had our camera at work, I thought I'd take picture of the great view from my office. It's quintessentially Nashville, so I feel pretty lucky. In this picture below, you can see: the historic Ryman Auditorium (barn-looking structure at the very far left), the Sommet Center (Nashville's main arena, which changes naming rights about twice a year--it's the oyster looking building dominating the left side of the frame), the Batman building (duh), the Country Music Hall of Fame (the angular building with billboards on the side, at right), plus a new high-rise condo building behind that, and the roof of the Greyhound bus station in the foreground (looking straight down essentially).

And inside the windows, here's my office. I like it a lot. The black computer at right is my main PC, and the white one at left is my Mac. Also note the dying peace lily on the windowsill. It's from Grandad's funeral in June 06. It lives, despite my worst efforts.

The office plant people came in earlier this week to check the potted tree in my office (it's out of the frame, to the left). Apparently, there is a corps of contracted people who come in to take care of the plants. I thought the tree was fake. I swear. Anyway, the chief plant guy literally said to his subordinate: "Yeah, it's just that one in the corner. She's doing her best to kill that one by the window."


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JT d'Eastwood said...

Beautiful flower, wondrous view, and awesome workspace, befitting the Magnum Opus.

Sadly, you inherited Grannie's brown thumb.


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