Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Most productive day EVER, part 2

My self-fulfilling prophecy has fulfilled itself indeed (as self-fulfilling prophecies tend to do). I got through eleven weeks worth of daily devotions for a year-long devotional book I'm editing. That's a lot of devotions, and I definitely found that my grand declaration this morning gave me the drive to just keep doing another week, even when I was ready to shift gears, then another, then another. Plus, I did a lot of planning work for the quarterly ministry magazine I now edit as well.

I think I'll try this kind of motivational self-talk every day. Maybe this can be a service I provide--"Feeling sluggish? I'll prophesy you a productive day!" (Just kidding.)

Going to trivia tonight. Our team of Div school friends, "Onan, Spiller of Seed," has dominated the Vandy-area pub trivia scene for about 2 1/2 years now, but we've recently slacked off, what with the closing of our primary sports bar. Anyway, we've found a new court to play in, and we will hopefully have a grand--and productive--showing tonight!

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