Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Most productive day EVER, part 1

I'm not saying it's true for everyone, but I've found that whatever my attitude in the morning, it will hold true all day. If I declare "It's a great day!," it will be a great day. If I say "I feel blah," chances are, I will feel blah all day.

Today, after working out before work for the third day in a row (thus boosting my confidence in my own willpower and reducing feelings of guilt in the evenings) and discovering I'd lost a few pounds since last week, I have decided that today will be the most productive day EVER.

So, I'll report back this evening and we'll see how it goes. Now, off to work. I need to stop for gas on the way, but that's a pretty productive act in itself, since my new car gets 32 miles per gallon; 400 miles per tank! (a good thing when I put 500 miles a week on my car)

Have a great day!

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